Spring Operated Impact Hammer - IEC 60068-2-75

Out Spring Operated Impact Hammer was designed according to IEC 60068-2-75.

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The Spring Operated Impact Hammer from Seguridad Electrica was designed and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC 60068-2-75.

The Spring Operated Impact Hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances. The impact hammer is set at the factory to one specific energy level. The energy range available is between 0.15 Nm to 1 Nm (Joule). A compressed spring accelerates a striking element to hit the sample undergoing test. The spring is released from a locking mechanism by pressing the cone-shaped end of the impact hammer against the product under test.

There are several models, although they are of similar construction characteristics, have a different impact energy according to the test requirement.

Our Impact Hammers are single impact energy.

Device specifications
  • Steel.
  • Polyamide.
Impact Element:
  • Hammer head Hardness: 100 Rockwell.
  • Head: Polyamide.
  • Hammer head radius: 10 mm.
  • Weight of body: 1,25 Kg. ± 0,03 Kg.
  • Weight of striking element: 0,25 Kg. ± 0,01 Kg.
  • Weight of release cone: 0,06 Kg. ± 0,001 Kg.
Impact energy:
  • 0,15 J.
  • 0,35 J.
  • 0,5 J.
  • 0,7 J.
  • 1 J.
  • Chrome plating.
  • Diameter: 50mm ± 0,5mm.
  • Body Long: 240mm ± 2mm.
  • Total Long: 315mm ± 3mm.
  • 12 months.
According to:
  • IEC 60068-2-75.
Spring Operated Impact Hammer - IEC 60068-2-75 Spring Operated Impact Hammer - IEC 60068-2-75