Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 7A.

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer - 7A is used to stabilize the power supply to make energy test of efficiency in factory laboratories and electrical testing laboratories.

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The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers from Seguridad Electrica was designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in many standards (IEC 60335, IEC 60065, IEC 60745, IEC 61029, IEC 60950) and it can help you overcome voltage fluctuation.

Its is designed to meet the requirements of international safety regulatory agencies such as UL, DNV, IMQ, BVSQ, ITS, IRAM, CSA, VDE, DIN, INMETRO.

It controls and It stabilizes :

  • Output Voltage regulation ±1% of voltage setpoint.
  • The operation principle is electronic-mechanical reason why it does not alter to the frequency nor the waveform of the power provision.
  • The microcontroller controls a motor that is the one in charge to vary the position of the axis of a variable autotransformer to be able to always maintain the output voltage in the setpoint value.
  • He is able to control equipment of consumptions of up to 7 Amperes in this model (for consumptions until 25A it clicks here).

It measures and It registers: It has Display LCD that it indicates:

  • Output Voltage: Stabilized Voltage.


  • Output Voltage: Form display LCD you can set the output voltage.

The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers constantly monitors the output voltage and controls the variations in the output voltage by movements of a motor. This motor in turn selects the proper output voltage on the variable transformer (variac)

The system is based on hardware with a microcontroller of last generation and a display LCD of interphase with the user, in where it registers the different operations and instructions from operation.

A keyboard readily accessible also allows the total control of the functions of the equipment like its programming.

The equipment is given with its report of calibration drawn up to national patterns and a manual of user for its use.

The components used in the design guarantee an excellent quality of work.

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 7A Specifications
Output Voltage: from 40 Vca to 245 Vca.
Regulation: ± 1%.
Maximun load: 7 Aca.
Control: Totally controlled by microcontroller.
Power Supply: 220Vca, 50 Hz, 8 A, Single-phase.
  • Setpoint of output voltage
  • Registry of consumed Energy.
  • Without steps in the output voltage.
  • RS232.
Display Indicator of:
  • Setpoint Voltage: Voltage configured into the equipment.
  • Output Voltage: Stabilized Voltage.
  • 350 x 350 x 300(h) mm. Aprox.
  • Weight: 28 Kg.
  • With wheels.
  • 12 months.
According to:
  • IRAM 2404-1
  • IRAM 2404-3
Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 7A. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 7A.Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 7A.