Damage to Conductors - BSEN 60669-1 / BS 5733.

BSEN 60669-1 clause 12.2.5.
Screw-type terminals shall be so designed and constructed that they clamp the conductor(s) without undue damage to the conductor(s).

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Our equipment Damage to Conductor was designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in many standards (IRAM 60884-1, BSEN 60669-1, BS 5733) to the damage to conductors.

Our Damage to Conductor Test Apparatus is fully automated, controlled by microcontroller.
You only should set:

  • The time test.

Making the test:

  • Place the sample in the test sample holder support.
  • Place the wire in the sample and pass it through the hole in the plate assay.
  • Place the corresponding weight (or the set of weights to reach the required weight).
  • Turn on the equipment.
  • Go to the screen test and press the START key to start the test.
  • Adjust the speed with the knob.
  • Press PAGE key if you want to reset the lap counter and time.
  • The machine automatically stops when it reaches the time set on the equipment test.
Glow Wire Test Apparatus specifications:
Power Supply:
  • 220Vca 50-60Hz Single-phase.(Optional: 115 Vac)
  • Fuse rating: 5 A rapid 20 x 5 mm.
  • Totally controlled by microcontroller.
  • Test 100% automatic.
  • Plug & Play: only you must connect it to the power supply, turn on and begin it to realize tests.
  • Speed regulation.
  • Display LCD.
You can see:
  • Time of each test.
  • Speed revolutions (RPM).
  • Laps counter.
  • 450 x 450 x 1050 (h) mm. Approx.
  • Weight: 33 Kg.
According to:
  • IRAM NM 60884-1.
  • BSEN 60669-1.
  • BS 5733.
Damage to Conductors - BSEN 60669-1 / BS 5733 Damage to Conductors - BSEN 60669-1 / BS 5733 Damage to Conductors - BSEN 60669-1 / BS 5733