Resistive Load Banks 1KW, 5KW, 10KW, 18KW.

Equipment designed for testing large generators, switchgear, transformers, UPS systems.


Resistive load bank designed and developed to be used as an electrical load in power tests, test of electrical generators, etc.

The resistive load bank simulates a "load".

It is designed for continuous use, has ventilation.

Device Specifications
Power Supply: 220Vca, 50 Hz, Single-phase.
  • Forced ventilation for continuous use.
  • Wheels to carry.
  • Lifting eye bolts (depending on load and dimensions.
  • Steps of 1KW.
  • Maximum Power: 18KW (higher consumption on request).
  • Ammeter indicator.
  • Voltmeter indicator.
  • 800mm x 700mm x 1000mm (h). They vary according to the power of the load bank.
  • Weight: 73 Kg
  • Metal sheep.
  • 12 months.
Resistive Load Bank 18KW Resistive Load Bank 10KWResistive Load Bank with Ammeter & Voltmeter