The GLOW WIRE TEST APPARATUS 2009 from Seguridad Electrica is Fully automated test equipment for fire hazard testing as per IEC-60695-2-10, controlled by microcontroller.

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The GLOW WIRE TEST APPARATUS from Seguridad Electrica was designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in many standards (IEC 60335, IEC 60065, IEC 60745, IEC 61029, IEC 60950) to check resistance to fire in insulating parts.
Its was designed to meet the requirements of international safety regulatory agencies such as UL, DNV, IMQ, BVSQ, ITS, IRAM, CSA, VDE, DIN, INMETRO.

The best method for testing electro technical products with regard to fire hazard is to duplicate exactly conditions occurring in practice.
In most cases this is not possible. Hence, for practical reasons, testing of electro technical products for fire hazard is conducted by simulating as closely as possible actual effects occurring in practice.

A loop of resistance wire is electrically heated to a specified temperature and the specimen being tested is brought into contact with this heated wire with a defined horizontal loading.
Observations and measurements are made to evaluate the fire hazard presented by the specimen during exposure to elevated temperatures.
The test described in IEC 60695-2-10.

Our Glow Wire Test Apparatus 2009 is fully automated, controlled by microcontroller.
You only should set:

  • The temperature test.
  • The time test
  • The observation time.
  • Put the sample in the car and press the Start button.
    The sample holder will begin to move forward until glow loop touch and, after the elapsed time settings, the car will go back to the starting position.

Making the test:

  • Place the sample in the Glow Wire Test Apparatus.
  • Place a piece of tissue paper (tissue paper) on timber that is in the box containment of waste and flames below the filament.
  • Turn on the equipment.
  • Run the sample holder to a position that the filament temperature does not radiate to the sample. To do this go to the screen Forward / Back car carrier shows that it is in the MANUAL mode options.
  • Press the START button, and the equipment will automatically raise and stabilize the filament temperature to 960 ºC (or the temperature that you set). It is considered stable if, during a period of 60 seconds there is a greater variation in temperature to 5 ºC.
  • After that the sample holder automatically advances to make contact with the filament, will begin a timed to the display, 30 sec (or the time that you set), and withdrawn immediately, restarting a new count of 30 sec (or the time that you set), for evaluation. In this process the equipment will allow for maximum penetration of the filament in the sample 7 mm.
  • During the trial the operator must pay attention to two events:
    • If there are flames must press the Start button, and the equipment automatically recorded in memory and to display the time of the test began the flame ( TF or time of begin flame) .
    • In addition, you should see the metric ruler behind the wire to see who came up the flame.
  • After the test you will hear a beep to indicate that the test has finished and you can see on the display “Test Finished”.
  • If it is necessary to stop the test for any reason, press the reset button “Rst”, which returned to start the control program and stop the advance of any function being performed.

The equipment also allows manual test in which the operator must manually turn up the heat and, when he reached the temperature desired, press the start button. The sample holder advance to make contact with the filament. After that you can see a timer (contact time) on the display ( 30 seconds or as long as you have set).

Following after this time will be removed automatically restarting a new count of 30 seconds (or as long as you has seteado) for further evaluation (observation time). During this process the equipment will allow maximum penetration of the filament in the sample of 7 mm +/- 0.5mm (you can modify it by changing the time of shutdown feed motor)

Glow Wire Test Apparatus specifications:
Power Supply:
  • 220Vca 50-60Hz Single-phase.(Optional: 115 Vac)
  • Fuse rating: 5 A rapid 20 x 5 mm.
  • Totally controlled by microcontroller.
  • Test 100% automatic.
  • Plug & Play: only you must connect it to the power supply, turn on and begin it to realize tests.
  • Electrically heated by current transformer 150 A, to a predetermined temperature from 0 to 980 ºC.
  • Nickel/Chromium glow wire (80:20), Ø 4mm, shaped as specified in standard.
  • Temperature is measured by a Thermocouple Type K (Ø 0.8mm) and is indicated on digital display.
  • Test sample contact force against glow wire preloaded to 1.0N (+/-0.2N).
  • Penetration depth 7mm (+/- 0.5mm) and flame height mechanical and electronically controlled.
  • Digital timer to control Glow wire application time, test duration.
  • Programmable temporized of the test sequence.
  • Display LCD.
You can set:
  • Test Temperature.
  • Contact Time.
  • Observation Time.
  • Delay Time: Changing this time you can modify the depth of penetration.
Sample holder:
  • Motorized specimen carriage, low friction.
  • Automatic, motorized forward and reverse motion of test specimen.
  • 500 x 400 x 450 (h) mm. Approx.
  • Weight: 33 Kg.
According to: IEC 60695-2-10.