Damage to Conductors

Our equipment Damage to Conductor 2014 was designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in many standards (IRAM 60884-1, BSEN 60669-1, BS 5733) to the damage to conductors.

Glow Wire Test Apparatus

The GLOW WIRE TEST APPARATUS 2009 from Seguridad Electrica is Fully automated test equipment for fire hazard testing as per IEC 60695-2-10, controlled by microcontroller.

The best method for testing electro technical products with regard to fire hazard is to duplicate exactly conditions occurring in practice.

Tracking Index Test Apparatus

The TRACKING INDEX TEST APPARATUS from Seguridad Electrica is designed to determining the Comparative tracking Index (CTI).

Our equipment is totally controlled by PC (Embedded PC) with drop indication, voltage indication, current indication and timer indication on a 15” digital display LCD.

Spark Test 2012

The Spark Test 2012 equipment (Spark Tester) is designed to perform the test in dry voltage between electrodes (spark test), to check the insulation of electrical conductors during the manufacturing process or in subsequent phases of production, the 100% production.

IEC 62230 – Electric cables - Spark-test method.