Seguridad Eléctrica .com is a company formed in 2003 by joint engineers and technicians with the intention of designing and developing equipment for electrical, mechanical, electronic and environmental research laboratories.

Equipped with technology of outpost and with an ample experience with its members in the area of research laboratories and the design of electronic equipment, they have been developed a line of equipment of series for electrical laboratories.

Based on principles of capacity, quality and efficiency, they are developed to newspaper, the diverse technological equipment for the different areas from work, according to the requirements raised by our clients and under the lineamientos stipulated in norm ISO 9001:2000 .

Seguridad Eléctrica .com is located in Rosario city, province of Santa Fe, Argentina, centralizes its objectives in the global export market, with a level of quality and development comparable to the most recognized brands in the category.

We have equipment installed on:


Seguridad Eléctrica .com, has considered to be leader in the design and development of equipment for research laboratories of different areas, fulfilling the specifications asked for by our clients, for which we considered the following “Policy of Quality” of our company: