Equipments For cable manufacturer.

Spark Test 2012 - Spark tester (IRAM-NM 244 / IEC 62230).

The Spark Test 2012 equipment (Spark Tester) is designed to perform the test in dry voltage between electrodes (spark test), to check the insulation of electrical conductors during the manufacturing process or in subsequent phases of production, the 100% production.

Dielectric Strength 2500Vac (IRAM NM 247 - 1 / IEC 60227 - 1).

Equipment designed for the Dielectric Strength Test on cables. It has a variable output voltage between 1000Vac to 2500Vac.

Compression Test Apparatus (IEC 61032 / IRAM 2073 / IRAM NM 60884-1)

The Compression Test Device was designed according to IRAM 2073 / IRAM NM 60884-1 (Figure 28).

Ball Pressure Apparatus (IRAM 2073 / IRAM 4220-1 / IEC 61032 / IRAM NM 60884-1)

The Ball Pressure Test Apparatus is designed to perform tests specified in many standards where resistance of insulating materials to elevated operating temperatures is to be determined.

IRAM-NM 247 + IRAM-NM-IEC 60811-1-1

The Scanner Profiles System was developed to measure the thickness of the PVC factory wiring.

Assembled cables tester FULL
IEC 60884-1

Probador de cables armados IRAM NM 60884-1

Equipment designed for the make test according to Annex A of IEC 60884-1.