The Scanner Profiles System was developed to measure the thickness of the PVC factory wiring.

The Scanner Profiles System uses a PC scanner to acquire the image and perform the measurements required by the user.

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The Scanner de Perfiles is a software + Scanner that allows the acquisition, processing, analysis and visualization of images of small dimensions.
The acquired image is processed and analyzed to be able to be extended 12 times . With that size it is possible to measure on the same one with a precision of 0,025 mm.

The system Scanner de Perfiles allows to measure in screen through vertical cursors and horizontal, it is possible to be added levels like any program CAD, allows to rotate the image, to keep archives, to generate reports and to print them or to export them to .pdf.

PC Requeriments:
- Ram memory: 256MB (or more).
- HDD free space: 10GB (or more).
- Operating system: Windows Xp.
- Resolution of screen: 1024 xs 768px.
- Monitor: 17 ''

Software Specifications
  • Software of very easy handling
  • To acquire images from scanner.
  • To Save in files for its later visualization.
  • To open files already kept.
  • To publish files.
  • Print screen, visualized in the monitor, to paper.
  • To generate report in format pdf.
  • It can Rotate the image.
  • To insert commentaries
  • To measure radious.
  • User Manual.
Means of measuring: Cursors to measure on the image:
  • Verticals.
  • Horizontals.
Measuring Dimensions: To insert levels:
  • Verticals.
  • Horizontals.
  • Radial.
  • Aligned levels (Diagonal).
  • Angles.
You can set:
  • Decimals digits.
  • Color dimensions.
  • Company name.
  • To select color.
  • To select spaced.
  • To visualize or to hide.
Conexión con la PC: USB (conexión del escaner con la PC).
Registro del sistema vía:
  • Telephone.
  • Email.
Scanner de Perfiles Scanner de Perfiles Scanner de PerfilesScanner de Perfiles